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Our restaurant is open

Every day for lunch and diner, except for Saturday and Wednesday’s lunch

Group deals from 10 people, menu from 30€ to 45€ .For Saturday’s lunch the restaurant is closed but can be privatized for groups of 15 people and more. On Sundays, diner trays are available for hotel guests.

Emile Zola Menu

A starter,
main dish,


From 10 people,
Menu from 40 euros,
All drinks included except bottled water


Week: 23€ / Week-end: 25€

Châtelain Menu

Frayed duck “like a rillette”, Chips from “vitelotte” Potatoes, Green Sides
Steamed Cod Back, Fish Fumet
Celery – Whole and Shredded – Basilic Cherry Tomatoes
Or – And
Charolais Beef with Pepper Sauce in Smooth Juice
Mediterranean Creamy Cereals – Bacon Sticks,
Brie Cheese Baked in Calvados with Hint of Cinnamon
Dark Valrhona Chocolate Cream Desserts with Soft Chocolate Mousse ‘Pure Noir 50’

Price: 35 € (fish or meat) 49 € (fish and meat)

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Menu and Daily Suggestions

Between 15€ and 65€


Feuillantine from Seasonal Mushromms , Meat cooked in Pepper
Puree, 16.50 €

Sardine Fritters, Mashed Tomatoes, Basilic Oil 18.00 €

Duck Foie Gras in local Muscat, Mashed Nut Figs, 22.00 €

Grilled Duck Foie Gras Escalope, Quinces Puree, Balsamic Vinegar Caramel in Sices, 24.00 €

Langoustine Crisps in Soft Paprika, Salads Mesclin, 26.00 €


Cod Back Curlers in Lemon and Aneth, Rice Perfumed with Ginger 20.00 €

Steamed Dorado in Olive Oil, Frayed basil Vegetables, Soft Red Pepper Sauce, 21.00 €

Red Mullet in Pistou, Potatoes from Touquet in Guerande Salt. 22.00 €

Half Grilled Scalops Rizotto Style, Tomatoe Vinaigrette, 30.00 €


Prescoff Veal Head, Frayed Whole Potatoes, Meat, Served with Green Sides, 18.50 €

Slowly Grilled Poultry, Stuffed with Foie Gras, Peas, Creamy Celery, 20.00 €

“Simmenthal” Rumsteack (From France EU) with Vin de Pays Fumet, Mediterranean Cereals “Like a Rizotto”, Small Roasted Tomatoes, 20.00 €

Grilled Deer Steack, Grilled Seasonal Fruits, Potatoes, 24.00 €

Veal Offals Cooked with Girolles Mushrooms, Fresh Pastas and Aspargus, 28.00 €


Apple Crumble, Hint of Cinnamon and Vanilla Ice cream, 8.50 €

Dessert of The Day, 7.00 €

“Minute” Tart, From Bitter Chocolate, 9.00 €

Seasonal, Baked Fruits Circle, 9.00 €

Fruits Carpaccio with Muscat and black bitter chocolate, 8.50 €

Duo Chocolate Dessert, Cream pot and its smooth foam, 8.50 €

Iced Coffee, 3.50 €

Coffee or Decafeinated Coffee with House Candies, 2.50 €

Tea or Infusions Assortment 3.50 €

Milky Foam Capuccino, 3.50 €

To Book

To book a table or a room, please use our contact form in the “contact” section. By contacting us directly through the form or via phone, we guarantee the best prices.